Monday, March 17, 2014

Olaf Cupcake Cake

My kids loved the movie Frozen when we went to see it in theaters. So, they are extremely excited for it to come out on video tomorrow. We are so excited about it, we are throwing a Frozen party after school tomorrow. (Our copy of the movie is supposed to be waiting for us with the mail!)

So I started by creating an Olaf cupcake cake. I used 27 cupcakes to make Olaf's body. Then I swirled on white frosting with a large star decorating tip. I used black food gel to make the mouth, eyes, and eyebrows. I used orange melting chocolate disks to create the nose, and chocolate disks for the buttons. As a finishing touch, I shaped tootsie rolls for the hair and arms. 

I had some extra cupcakes, so I made a few "In Summer" Olaf cupcakes. This is just frosting tinted blue, Vanilla Wafers crushed for the sand, and a large marshmallow cut and shaped into a snowman. I used black food gel to decorate the marshmallows and stuck in a small piece of orange chocolate for the nose.