Sunday, March 16, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt #2

So, I almost forgot about doing a scavenger hunt for St. Patrick's Day. (David reminded me at 7:00 tonight when he said he couldn't wait for the morning so they could do it.) This is what my husband and I came up with.

Clue #1: It's St. Patrick's Day, if you care. Why don't you go and check out your father's chair.

Clue #2: David likes that song about a fox. Now go look on top of the Xbox. 

Clue #3: This St. Patrick's Day hunt is as smooth as silk. Your next clue is where we keep the milk. 

Clue #4: We have one little girl and two big boys, you will find the next clue where you keep your toys.

Clue #5: I hope you have had fun finding all of your clues. Your pot of gold is where we keep our shoes. 

With each clue, there are three little pots filled with plastic gold coin pieces I bought from the dollar store. 

The pot of gold has a little present for each of them, along with some gold nugget gum and candy pieces. 

They will have chocolate Lucky Charms and green milk for breakfast.