Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Paperclip Angels

We made paperclip angel ornaments last year and gave them to some of our favorite people. The kids enjoyed it so much, we decided to make them again this year.

I was having a hard time finding a bag of beads that I liked to represent the angel head. So...the kids and I picked out two necklaces we liked. I cut the necklace and took the beads off of it. It worked very well.

To tie this together, I followed the directions from this website:

Start by cutting a piece of cloth ribbon about 11 inches. Fold the ribbon piece in half. 
Using the end of a paperclip, push the bead through both ends, creating a loop on one end. 
Slide the loop end under the paperclip, as shown below. 

Pull the bead end through the loop to create a knot. 
Pull tight and push the bead to the end of the knot. 
The necklace I found also had what looked like crown pieces. I pushed one of those through the ends of the ribbon and set it on top of the bead. Then tie a knot to keep the bead and crown (if you have one) in place. 
Tie the ends together in a knot as well. Trim the edges.