Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Crafts

Here are some of the activities we did during our New Year's celebration (http://workingmomwonders.blogspot.com/2013/12/new-years-eve-balloon-countdown-for-kids.html)

Time Capsule Ornament: We cut up strips of paper and wrote our goals for 2014 on the strips. Then we placed them in the ornament. 
I interviewed the kids and wrote my own reflection of each kids' year. The printable came from http://todaysmama.com/2011/12/printable-end-of-the-year-time-capsule-question/

The firework craft was pretty easy and turned out pretty well. We cut the bottom of a toilet paper roll, and dipped it in a variety of paint colors. 

The kids made their own creation from there. 

While using the same paint, we made a hand print craft. 

The confetti launcher was a huge hit. I cut the top off a pop bottle. We placed a balloon on the end of the pop bottle. We made confetti from a hole punch and construction paper. Place the confetti in the pop bottle, pull the balloon down, and release. 

For the balloon drop, we used push pins to place a sheet in our sky light. We cut a slit down the middle of this old sheet. We put a piece of cardboard over the slit and placed balloons on top of the cardboard. When it was time for the release, we pulled the cardboard down and the balloons fell on the kids' heads.