Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Activity Wall

This Christmas activity wall is the one the kids and I started with. So...we have officially been doing activity walls for 365 days! This has been an amazing experience, and I encourage others to find ways to spend special time with their children each day.

This wall is very easy to create. I found 25 small envelopes and glued Christmas scrapbook paper to the front of each envelope. I pasted on a number (1-25) to each envelope. I cut out the activities and placed them in the envelopes. Each day the kids will open the envelopes to reveal an activity.

Here are our activities for the month (And...I left last year's activity slips in the envelopes in case we have time for two activities.)
Pinecone tree
Candy cane science experiment
Candy cane Christmas tree
Polar express movie night
Paint nutcrackers
Snow globes
Pipe cleaner wreath
Candy cane ornament
Bulb ornaments
Name blocks
Mini glass bulb ornaments
Clothespin reindeer
Paper clip angels
Melted snowman art
Gingerbread house
Christmas tree and icicle ornaments
Paper snowflakes
Snow slime
Snowflake ornaments
Snow paint
Construction paper/tissue paper trees,
Angel handprint
Christmas cookies
Paper igloo

Our activities last year (before I started blogging) were: 
Drink Grinch punch while watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Make snowmen lights out of milk jugs
Turn the refrigerator into a snowman
Go to the library and check out a Christmas book
Make your own snow globe
Make elf donuts for Christmas Eve
Make Christmas cookies with Grandma and Mom
Make cinnamon ornaments
Make angel ornaments out of paper clips for 3 special people of your choice
Paint snowflake art from tape 
Write a letter to Santa 
Have a Polar Express night-Read the book and eat Polar Express treats.
Make Candy Cane Marshmallow Pops and Eat with Hot Cocoa
Make the Grandparents a Christmas Tree Fingerprint Card
Paint your own dinner plate
Make rice krispie gingerbread houses
Paint a Christmas scene with puffy paint—glue and shaving cream
Drive to the Nicol’s Christmas light show
Watch one of the ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas movies with treat necklaces 
Pick out two old toys to donate to charity
Pick out and wrap a present for Daddy 
Deliver cards and goodies to the neighbor 
Cut snowflakes and hang them on the window
Do a puzzle together
Read the Christmas story in Luke Chapter 2
Have a candlelight dinner party on the longest day of the year-Dec. 21st. Make sure you dress up J